Ethical Link Building Guide for Bloggers

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Links are one of the important SERP rank determining factor. Google, By their various search algorithms they have threatened the small blogger like me to not to link any low authority website. This is giving birth to era of "Mega Blogs" as capitalism in our economic system.

link building for bloggers

As rich are becoming more rich in capitalist economic era, these so called Mega Blogs are becoming bigger than ever as small bloggers are not linking each other at all. Even in case some blogger connects and makes a community, Google will penalize them labelling it as "Link Network"!!! I  am still to find anything bad in this. What is bad if some bloggers from similar niche, writing about similar topics join their hands to provide users' a better reading experience and providing them deep insights by linking various sources and blog posts from their network bloggers' blogs. After all it is helpful for bloggers, they need not to go back to Google and search again for deep insights.

Bloggers like me are finding it difficult to get exposure because nobody is ready to link new blogs and websites even though they have great content because everybody is afraid of Google.

What solution we have -

Make Friends

Add your blogger friends in Google+ profile. Whenever you write a post, make a Google search of keywords you are using. Give a link back to your friends' content. Because it is better to link them because they will remember this and will try to do the same in near future. I am sure your friends write better than Wikihow.
link building by making friends

Linking to friends doesn't mean linking their mediocre quality content. Normally every Big SEO suggests to give link only to high authority websites. Whereas I should suggest link to "High Quality Content" rather than "High Quality Website".

I know high quality content provides authority to a blog but what if nobody wants to link small blog even if that blog provides high quality and deeply researched content that may help writers of those so called mega blogs to write for them.

Ethical Guest posting

Do you from where Guest Posting concept came from ?

In olden times newbie writer used to send their articles to newspapers and magazines to get exposure. Those newspapers and magazines sometimes pay them for their efforts and the benefits they get from writer's article.

In the era of Internet it is named as "Guest Posting". SEOs around the world misused this method of getting exposure. Nowadays webmaster pay some writers on freelance writers to write them articles in bulk and then hire another guy to submit guest posts. Thus they build tonnes of links.

ethical guest posting

Goal of doing guest posting is getting exposure in targeted audience of targeted geographical location. Before doing guest posts answer these simple questions :-

What is your goal ? 
If it is ranking a particular post by getting link in a high authority website then you will be in big trouble.

Is the target website have your target audience ?
If the answer is no then why are you doing this ? If you are building a local business then why are you guest posting on foreign website in which local audience is not interested.

Did you write high quality article ?
After writing guest post do you share it with your friends. If not then why should anyone who by chance stumble upon it share it his friends. You should share it with your friends and link on your own blog whenever you write something related.

Use the power of Social Media

Everybody is active on social media websites. Social media gives massive exposure to your content. You can request thousands of people to link  your content while being ethical.
Must read Social media link building on Search Engine Journal
Answer a simple question :-

link building via social media websites

Why anybody link to your content ?

There are basically two reasons for a normal blogger to link content.

First, he finds your content very interesting that he is inspired from it and want to write more on this topic. An ethical blogger will link to source content. This is most powerful way of getting highly related content. This type of link building demads high quality content.

Secondly, While writing content, blogger research topic on which he is writing. He will link to content which helped him to write the content and helps his users to get details and deep insights on the topic.

Bloggers research on search engines as well as on social media websites. Social media is a kind of channel that helps bloggers to discover content on topic of their interest. Sharing your content on social media helps you to get exposure and if you wrote really high quality contyent then you will links for sure.

Start conversations via blogs

Building links for blogs and content websites is bit differnet from commercial websites. Although affiliate marketing and tonnes of ads made them commercial but always remember the true of blogging. It is Presenting your Ideas to whole world , here whole world mean your target audience.
start conversation via blog to build links

First of all make clear one thing that Are you running a magazine or a blog ?

Both concepts are different. As in magazines editors use to post roundups and collections whereas blogs are meant only to present personal ideas and thoughts. If you are writing a blog then this technique is for you.

Start conversation via blogs. If you are not satisfied with an artcile on another related blog you can complete it on your own blog and give a link to the source. Blogger will get to know that you linked him and after reading your blog post he will reply and if he find your content you will be in his good notes and he will link you future. Further he may link you in the article on which you wrote as you are completing his article.

Blogspot made conversations via blogs damn easy. Just press + and write the name of any friend in your Google Plus profile, a simple way to tag friends. For example +rakesh kumar, it is damn easy.

Hope the above four tactics will help you attract more readers ( Not only traffic )towards your blog and reach your goals.


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