Why Blogger is better than Wordpress

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You might heard this issue many times but today I will share my personal experiances both with Wordpress and Blogger. So today I have decided to write what I have experianced in past

No need to worry about page loading speed

2 years back, I started my first blog Jasica.in, I know the name sounds weird but I bought this while learning and made a funny mistake as I usually do. I choosed a good template, customize that myself because I was taught HTML a bit in my school days. But that was some 6 years ago. There was no problem of page loading speed. My blog use to open with a bang. I was so happy with Blogger. Then while time passes and I made some money from blogging and providing services, I decided to start a new blog Designrapid.com. I promised myself to to do this seriously and beautifully. I designed the whole theme myself, thanks to Kulwant Nagi for his help and guidance. Purchased ipage hosting, I was amazed to see that  my website was taking more than 20 seconds to load, by analysing the situation, I found Ipage was culprit. I wasted hosting fee for a  full year twice and paid for Maxcdn service. After that I purchased HostGator, happy with it. But I end up wasting lot of money but still my Blogger blog is loading faster than WordPress blog.

Security issues

I use 2 step verification for my Blogger account, so it is very difficult to hack a blogger blog. Never heard ever that a big blogger blog had been hacked. Even one of the biggest Indian Technology blog Labnol was hacked last year. I am quite assured about my blogger blogs that they can never be hacked because large number of Google cyber security specialists are working for me to get secured accounts. But this is not with the case of Wordpress, although security plugins are available in Wordpress plugin repository like Login Lockdown but still they are not enough.

Blogs management

I have 4 blogger blogs and it is really easy to manage all of them from a same account without paying anything. In case I need similar kind of service in WordPress, I need to pay monthly fee to a service provider for proving a premium plugin.

SEO friendly

I heard many people saying, WordPress is more seo friendly than Blogger. I don't think. I always wanted to add separate meta description to each post and change the permalink, further to add location information in the post. Blogger took the bloggers requirements seriously and now they provided everything I want. Now I love Blogger.
                              I really don't know what other people are saying about Blogger's search engine frienliness but I believe in results, results from blogger blogs are far better than of Wordpress. In blogger I don't need to worry about how often Google looks at my site, is there any crawling error, structure of website, page loading speed, what other websites are there on same shared IP and much more.


Blogger is unable to beat Wordpress here, because nobody is ready to pay for blogger templates. I designed 4 blogger templates, in return some of the website owners changed the name of my templates and claimed as their own. I filed DMCA complaint, but after 6 months, I can see many of blogger templates sites are listing my templates but with a nofollow link or no link at all. There is no motivation to make a blogger template, neither you will get money or links. 

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