10 SEO Tips for WordPress Blog

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1. Enable comments

To let users interact with the ability to maintain a fresh and updated post to post and adds theming.

2. Create original articles

It is useless plagiarized articles, search engines have developed algorithms that can identify plagiarized posts. A rather original content will be viewed with an eye on, both by users who probably will link both by search engines.

3. Use keywords / keyword in the title of the post

The title tag and the h1 tag is generally placed where the post title, hold still a fundamental part in the optimization “OnSite”. Try entering the keywords, naturally, you’d want to be found.

4. Use keywords as even in links

The even text links has always been one of the main techniques for positioning a website, because he makes it clear to the search engine and contains the user what the content of that link. Try to put the keywords in a natural way inside, diversifying the various links.

5. Use keywords in the content such as images

If an image is inserted into a page that talks about a particular agormento, enter the keyword in the file name and possibly in the image alt tags.

6. Use tags to group the blog post

The wise use of tags allows further thematize your blog posts and help in the natural positioning. Do not overdo the use of tags you might otherwise remain penalized by search engines. 

7. Enter Meta Description on each page unique and original

Allow the user to quickly identify if the page content is what you are looking for and improve click rates in the results of the search engine. A description is sometimes more effective than a site located in the first place but without a clear description. 

8. Make your site simple and lightweight

Do not use too much effects in javascript, jquery, etc. .. css3 not all your visitors have a browser that support them.

9. If you want to attract the attention you give a gift to your visitors

Give your visitors something arouses interest and could provide interesting data in case of registration. Generally then if the bonus is you will also get quality backlinks natural.

10. Promote your site in social networks

You have no idea how much traffic can lead to a link on facebook or any other social network, then put in place a strategy to promote social networks, it is simple, requires low investment and leads to many results (try to think that word of mouth can be created).


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  2. Thanks for the tips mate, I am planning to host a blog on the wordpress platforms this tips will be vital for me to host it successfully.

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